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A Sure Compass

A broad segment of vocabulary has simply become obsolete because the concepts which it embodied have been rejected. Modesty, decency, probity, rectitude, honor, politeness, virtue, magnanimity, chastity, piety, righteousness, propriety – these and many other terms of approved behavior have been consigned to limbo. They don’t even enter into the calculus of public discussion and decision-making. Naturally, their opposites have suffered the same fate, terms such as vile, licentious, malign, dissolute, roue, shame, disgrace, evil, sin, stigma, ostracize, iniquity, and so on. Those designations and the concepts they represent have also been cancelled.



It has become fashionable to downgrade our patriotism and soft-pedal our national advantages as a result of the sincere effort to promote peace through the United Nations. In similar fashion we avoid public expression of sectarian faith in an effort to avoid offending our fellow citizens who may be of a different faith. Our fellow citizens are, I believe, the poorer for this over-sensitivity to their feelings and, in like fashion. I think the world is the poorer if we fail to hold high the banners of freedom and responsibility and religious faith which characterized this country at its beginnings and which have been our greatest glory.